[Dailydave] FireEye is sad.

Nicolas RUFF nruff at security-labs.org
Sat Sep 12 04:53:51 EDT 2015



The proposed rule, as drafted, would have four detrimental impacts on 
cybersecurity firms and technologies:

- Cybersecurity research will be curtailed, as the rule hinders 
researchers from testing networks and sharing technical information 
about new vulnerabilities across borders.
- (...)

The Coalition for Responsible Cybersecurity represents a broad 
cross-section of cybersecurity professionals from U.S. companies, 
including Symantec, Ionic Security, *FireEye*,  (...)

According to Ron Bushar, Global Director for Security Program Services 
at Mandiant, a *FireEye* Company, "the rule treats these tools as though 
they were weapons, but in fact they are absolutely essential for every 
company and government that has been targeted by attackers. Every time 
cybersecurity professionals are asked to do defensive testing for a 
business—even a U.S. business with operations in Europe or South 
America—they would need a license. The process involved in acquiring 
these unnecessary government licenses would delay cybersecurity 
protections for months, ensuring that U.S. cybersecurity defenses will 
always lag far behind the hackers."

- Nicolas RUFF

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