[Infiltrate] Deadlines, tons of talks, and BJJ!

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Happy Friday Folks!

As March 1st approaches we wanted to touch base with you all.

Why March 1st you ask?

Well, March 1st will mark the official closing of the CFP for
INFILTRATE 2013. If you haven't yet submitted a talk, now would be a
good time.

Email us at: cfp at immunityinc.com

March 1st also marks the beginning of "late bird" pricing; you've
waited long enough, haven't you?

Register at the current price of $1,825 before it goes up to $2,075 on
March 2nd!

Email us at: infiltrate at immunityinc.com

Now down to the heart of INFILTRATE 2013 -- our talks and training!

We have a lot of talks to look forward to, follow the link if you
haven't yet taken a look. http://infiltratecon.com/speakers.html

We also have a couple spots left open as of the time I'm writing this

Training is selling out quickly! The Master Class is pretty much full
and there are only a handful of seats left in Unethical Hacking and
Web Hacking.

Now would be the time to sign up for training -- friendly reminder,
when you sign up for training we discount your con entrance.

Finally, BJJ. If you would like to sign up, subscribe to our list,

BJJ will take place the Wednesday night before INFILTRATE and will be
followed with plenty of time at the bar to tend to your wounds.

There are only 48 days left until INFILTRATE so I'm keeping this brief
and omitting the Buffy quote because we've got tons to do!

See you in April!

- -Immunity
Follow us @infiltratecon

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