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12/07/2021 - Diary entry #406:

Today we will continue our thread on Malware Types, started on Daily Diary #328, talking about Spyware.

A Spyware is a malware with the specific goal to exfiltrate personal and confidential information from an infected user/device in an unauthorized way, sending it to a C&C server controlled by an attacker. In some aspects, Spywares and Rootkits (covered in our Daily Diary #367) are very similar to each other, as one of their goals is to operate stealthily.

According to the features implemented, RATs and Rootkits can also be considered Spywares, when used to monitor the user behavior or steal information without consent. Usually, Spywares also implement features related to Backdoors, as they send the stolen data to a C&C server and can receive commands to modify its behavior and deploy other threats.

Spywares are often used in targeted attacks. After an attacker gets unauthorized access stealthy to a system or device, it can deploy a Spyware to receive sensitive data available in the network. Spywares have also been used by Law Enforcement organizations around the world to monitor criminal activities in malicious servers or devices.

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