[MART] - Daily Diary #565 - Smishing Scams on the Rise

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Below is the entry for today.

08/02/2022 - Diary entry #565:

In the past few months, Robotext scams have increased through Smishing – a form of Phishing where threat actors attempt to obtain private information via an SMS text message or phone number.

Like robocalls, text messages can be spoofed to mask the originating number and make it appear that the text is coming from a legitimate number. Some of the texts resemble spam emails, containing links to unwanted and unsolicited products, as well as luring the victims to log in to fake websites.

In addition to these methods, scammers use Robotext. With the help of computer programs that simulate and process a human conversation, combined with social engineering techniques, the threat actors try to persuade their victims as if they were communicating with a real person.

To protect against these attacks, we recommend not giving personal information, blocking suspicious phone numbers, and ignoring text messages from strangers.

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