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08/19/2022 - Diary entry #577:

Physical access refers to on-site access to a computer and network hardware, or other parts of a hardware installation. It consists of anyone inserting a boot disk into the machine and bypassing normal operating system controls, allowing threat actors to install unauthorized equipment such as keyloggers and malware payloads.

Currently, there are many techniques and ways to gain physical access to a computer and exploit its vulnerabilities. One of them could be using a "USB Rubber Ducky", which to the human eye is like an ordinary USB flash drive. However, when connected to a computer, it acts as a keyboard programmed to type ultra-fast and launch loads of malware and tools in an automated manner.

Therefore, it is crucial to protect hardware by securing its housed environment. This is why we urge companies, administrators, and ordinary users to implement security policies such as restricting access to elevated command prompt, using a USB port blocker, and monitoring the typing speed of peripherals.

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