[MART] - Daily Diary #588 - Video Game Anti-Cheat Driver Abused to Deploy Ransomware

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Below is the entry for today.

09/05/2022 - Diary entry #588:

Recently, during the end of July this year, a signed and vulnerable driver (mhyprot2.sys) was found being abused to bypass privileges and deploy ransomware. The driver belongs to an anti-cheat solution for Genshin Impact, a popular role-playing game.

The driver used in the attack is available since August 2020 and has been abused since then, resulting in PoC exploits demonstrating the ability to kill any arbitrary process. Since drivers are able to access privileged functions, threat actors abuse their vulnerabilities to kill endpoint protection processes, and successfully spread and execute their malware.

This is not the first time we have covered drivers being abused by threat actors. In May this year, we covered (on Daily Diary #502) AvosLocker abusing a trusted Avast driver (responsible for Avast’s Anti-Rootkit solution) to attack installed AV solutions. Most recently, on Daily Diary #571, we also covered the group behind Cuba Ransomware, Tropical Scorpius APT, that used a leaked Nvidia certificate to sign a kernel drive used for terminating security products processes as well.

To mitigate this kind of attack, we recommend having a list of commonly abused drivers, and to monitor hosts installing those drivers or with no endpoint solution processes running. Since most of those belong to outdated software (before the vulnerability has been fixed) the fact that the driver is installed is enough to consider the device compromised (or suspicious). Then, isolate the compromised devices immediately to prevent the attack from spreading.

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