[Silica] New Feature Requests

Mark Wuergler mark at immunityinc.com
Tue Sep 15 15:07:32 EDT 2015

Hey list!

Every now and then we see new tools come out in the wireless pentest
space and we wonder "what is the actual demand for <this new tool>?" or
"is this something that our SILICA users would want?".  A good example
of this is the Penetrator-WPS[1] tool that was released to automate
cracking any nearby WPS-enabled access point's pin. Is there an actual
demand for this type tool?  Personally I feel that there isn't any extra
value in cracking more than one access point's WPS pin on a penetration
test because each access point will give you the same WPA key in the end
(and SILICA already makes this process easy and fast).

But with this being said we know that everyone is different and might
have a different workflow or set of scenarios they find themselves in.

Did you know that a lot of the features in SILICA came from feature
requests from users like you?  That's right!  We pride ourselves on
being very responsive because we know that if one person asks for it
then many people can use it. SILICA has grown from actual demand from
those that use it.  But we are aware that not everyone knows about this
so we wanted to tell you - don't be afraid to ask for feature requests!
 And we ((love) + (love))^9 customer feedback in all shapes, sizes and

So don't be shy - let your voice be heard.  Keep the SILICA developers
busy coding your hopes, dreams and desires.

[1] https://n0where.net/wps-attack-tool-penetrator-wps

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