[Dailydave] Things you missed at INFILTRATE

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Tue Nov 25 09:45:17 EST 2014

First of all, you missed the person who built it talk about the Dual EC
random number generator, which everyone on Twitter claims is "trojaned".
He hung around and talked to people afterwards, so if you wanted to
annoy him about it, then was the time.

You missed a talk about a USB stack written in Python that runs on
Android phones. This is useful for so many things! I don't even like to
talk about all the things it is useful for!

You missed the talk on how INNUENDO is built, and also all the design
tradeoffs that go into a modern implant.

You missed an investment banker talking about how finance impacts the
world of offensive information security.

You missed people actually asking useful questions - the crowd is
relentlessly technical and they ask hard questions of the people giving

And you missed tons of interesting sidelines between various members of
the offensive community. Each class is taught by experts in their
individual fields - the Master Class alone is taught by 7 people because
we want everyone to learn from the very best at what they do.

INFILTRATE's OpenCFP <http://opencfp.immunityinc.com/cfp/2/>is available
now - and you can of course buy tickets to the training or the
conference <http://infiltratecon.org/>.


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