[Dailydave] Economic Espionage and Regin

Dave Aitel dave at immunityinc.com
Tue Nov 25 10:04:59 EST 2014

It's been catchy to look at the Snowden papers and all the trojans
coming out from "Western" governments and think that the 5 Eyes does
espionage in an unrestricted way the way the Chinese and Russian Axis
does. But they don't.

If they did, you'd see crowing reports from Kaspersky and Symantec that
they found information being stolen from Russian banks to aide UK
financial institutions. You'd see evidence in that M&A deals would be
going weirdly well for the UK using information that clearly could only
be gotten from hacking in the places Regin is found. This isn't what
you're seeing. You're seeing in Regin a focus on looking at cell towers
in areas where the UK is at war (Afghanistan).

While Regin clearly can be used to steal information, it's not stealing
information from places where economic espionage is done. This is the
opposite of what you find when you look at Russian or Chinese hacker
teams, which often are clearly using the same toolchain to gather
military intelligence and economic espionage. As I pointed out in my
Business Insider article
there's a big difference in the motivations and effects of the
respective teams.

Dave Aitel
Immunity, Inc.

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