[Dailydave] Fwd: [Cryptography] NSA/GCHQ put their heads together to discuss encryption on the net

Darkpassenger darkpassenger at unseen.is
Sun Sep 27 20:30:29 EDT 2015

no risk is getting labeled as deviant perhaps worse . i am fed up to the 
point i just have to share with with a bunch of dudes with common sense 
n hit send while taking my benzo&oxy happy pills .

from t=0 where the Snowden shit started to roll i observed every kind of 
person expressing amaze or deep philosophical question about right/wrong 
or speeches on imperialism's new face . corrupt politicians started to 
yell . businesses published very long boring articles why this shit is 
fundamentally bad . governments stated concerns . some even went further 
n asked questions - noble honest kind souls . dont know how many 
millions of tweets . all n all referring to the essence of a bunch of 
intelligence agencies whose definition is to fcking SPY which usually 
needs tradecraft even in its old fashion humint form..and a "29 years 
old hacker" publishing all typical non-strategic non-tactical 
non-actionable pdfs saying those agencies , basically , have trojans and 
sniff traffic .

so dave told me from every hole in planet there are some dudes 
subscribed in dd . really , plz enlighten me , am i missing something 
here on the scene ? i am Iranian . genetically familiar to 
west-sponsored coups , monarchs and Shahs , wars with actual WMDs , 
restrictions from west , east and inside . facing regulations in what 
one might be able to think and like ..arranged marriages . rich oil n 
gas reserves while people poor and #filternet. shit is heavy honestly . 
but why none of the things i read or slightly browse through regarding 
trojan and sniff sound very normal-natural-ok to me . i met corrupt 
ex-gru russian came here to sell decryption of some satellite phones - 
written with pen on shitty papers asking for 50k . he asked me where to 
call for hot call girl after experienced the #filternet . helped him 
with 1k/1year VPN service and a couple of instructions how to pick up 
prostitutes based on his budget in what streets . a day later he was all 
Iranian . totally ok with all the daily crap . went to parties and had 
3somes seen no police. told me he is even willing to accept a lower 
price if we buy other kinds of decryption from him , say , some older 
Army rockwell manpack . a brother asked him if he can find remote 
RF-enabled kill switches in a Russian SAM . he was cool . called a 
friend and invited him over Tehran next week for another small price . 
shit was cool . why is that ?

i understand people who see shit are unlikely to get shocked by seeing 
again ..but i just dont get it what is going on in other people's mind ? 
why all this news coverage ? what was default expected from NSA/GCHQ be 
doing ? why Civilians are penetrable to Snowden-type news as if unlikely 
cure for a bad disease just found ? even if they are below average IQ 
they must have a very basic idea what Spy agencies do . what is this 
wide across spectrum shock ? WHAT IS THE NEWS here ? i am literally 
asking honest questions from fellow coders

and finally , anyone else besides yours truly ever thought this whole 
thing is a PSYOP for further political , societal and financial factors 
and gains by "Illuminati" for the next decade ? ( yes , oversimplified 
it by word Illuminati to help myself type less say more , new encode -- 
patent pending :P )

read this before offering comments plz . real good shit from like 12 
years ago : http://mediafilter.org/caq/cryptogate/

خطاب به «برادران»ی که اینجا وقت میگذرونن پولشو بیت الحال میده بد نیست 
این بیت
زین کاروانسرای بسی کاروان گذشت
ناچار کاروان شما نیز بگذرد
آره پسرجان
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Subject: [Cryptography] NSA/GCHQ put their heads together to discuss 
encryption on the net
Date: 2015-09-26 05:10
 From: justin at dslr.net (root)

 From a mention in a news article today on a Snowden released GCHQ 
project, to this site, I saw in a list of documents on this page, which 
appear to be released today:

this document:

It appears to discuss joint collaboration to ..

... well, I'll quote from the document:

"These activities are designed to get a sound understanding of the 
threat that encryption brings to our ability to do target 
discovery/development as well as devising mitigations that will 
(hopefully) allow our Internet Exploitation strategy to prevail".


"Threat that encryption brings"
"Internet Exploitation strategy"

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